Wise (ex TransferWise) and Miuros Deal in the Currency of Customer Experience

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"Miuros was a wonderful change. It definitely takes pressure off the agents; here they can constantly check how they're doing and if they have any questions they can talk about it right away".

Melissa Horrigan, Team Lead (US)

In this case study, you'll learn how Wise made their Quality Assurance process 2x more efficient and built healthier relationships between reviewers and agents.


Sending money abroad can be frustrating and is often very expensive. Founded in 2011, Wise allows its customers to send a wide range of currencies between countries both quickly and securely - without the excessive bank fees.

Now of ‘Unicorn’ status, Wise saves its customers $3 million in bank fees every day. But it wasn’t enough for them; their Mastercard debit card gives their customers the ability to move money to wherever they are and to spend it whenever they like. Money without borders, spending without limits. 

The Challenge

An Unsustainable QA Process

Helping customers move money between 49 currencies globally is no mean feat. Silver Jaanus, Head of Customer Support Hungary, has always considered the customer experience to be vital. Quality over quantity. His aim is to ensure that no matter where customers are in the world, their issues are solved first time round.

The difficulty of improving the customer experience lay in the complexity of the business. Customers could contact them for any number of reasons - and different teams were specialized to deal with different requests. 

“Lots of teams did Quality Assurance, but everyone did it differently. It was fragmented so we couldn't know the overall situation of the organization".

Silver Jaanus, Head of Customer Service (Hungary)

Until 2019, the fintech giants relied on manual quality assurance processes and spreadsheets.

With support teams in 5 countries, and no unified QA system, it was impossible to ensure customers received the same care. “Customer Support spreads the company image”, understood Lidia Barreto (Reviewer Agent, Estonia). “It’s important to be aligned because it does have an impact on the customer. They will share their experience with their friends”.

The crux of it all? To roll out a scalable solution whilst lowering operational costs. 

The Solution

Company-wide QA in Real Time

Wise implemented Miuros Review for 40 agents in mid-2019, before rolling it out company-wide three months later. Their new, unified QA process, as Silver describes, gives “a more comprehensive way to understand performance”. 

Custom scorecards now give a holistic view of their customer support operations across all channels which, ultimately, brings them closer to their customers. As Vito Macini (Team Lead, Estonia) explains: “We don't just focus on our team, we focus on the bigger picture now too”.

When he identifies a decreasing product knowledge trend, for example, he can quickly identify whether this is at an agent level, common in his team or is a wider issue. With Miuros Review, Wise ensures consistency and uniformity between all offices.

“The data enables us to find out who needs help and to be more proactive. We notice things in advance and can solve them earlier”.

Lidia Barreto, Reviewer Agent (Estonia)

Previously, they had struggled to give agents immediate visibility over their performance. By delivering reviews faster, team leads now identify opportunities for coaching in real time. Not only that, but agents can go to their team leads for feedback whenever they want. 

“Miuros was a wonderful change. It definitely takes pressure off the agents; here they can constantly check how they're doing and if they have any questions they can talk about it right away”.

Melissa Horrigan, Team Lead (US)

Miuros’ reporting system has transformed the relationship between teams. Previously, Melissa would spend entire 1-1 sessions with her agents discussing only the quality of their work. Now, however, it only takes 5 minutes and she loves that she “can focus more on development and opportunities to grow. We talk more about the present and future and less about the past”.

Everyone is saving valuable time with Miuros. Reviewers don’t waste time cherry-picking tickets to audit and team leads can assign cases automatically. 

Of course, this time saving slashes operational costs, but it represents something bigger: the ability to have more, valuable coaching opportunities to transform the customer experience

“Having a single, detailed view for my entire team enables me to identify the key topics we need to work on. Before, it wasn’t possible without complex excel analysis!”

Adam Got-Horvath, Team Lead (Hungary)


  • Wise has unified and centralized their QA data. From a company perspective, having all of their support teams perfectly aligned gives them significantly better visibility over customer support quality.

  • They have made the invaluable transition from manual to automation-assisted QA: they now spend 50% less time on QA - equivalent to saving  5 FTE*/month.

  • Stronger personal relationships are being formed. Giving agents more personal and targeted coaching sessions - focusing on development - brings teams together. 

  • Data-driven decisions in favour of gut feelings. “I love taking data-based decisions and don't like to solely rely on gut feelings”, says Vito. “Miuros helps me bring more substance to my decisions: to understand what the problem is and act on it”.

(*FTE - Full Time Employee)

What’s Next?

Wise chose Miuros to continue building a team culture that prioritized quality over quantity. The next stage is to work on QA standards across all teams to become even more objective when evaluating quality. Enhancing the Customer Experience is always at the core of Wise’s philosophy.

“I really enjoyed my job before but now I just take even more pride in it. I feel more in touch with customers by seeing everybody else's cases and how they went about things”.

Diana Reyes, Reviewer Agent (US) 

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