(Re)Humanize Your Customer Service Data

(Re)Humanize Your Customer Service Data

Miuros seamlessly integrates with your existing help desk to bring your customer service data to life.

Less churn through understanding what your customers need

Miuros enables customer service leaders to optimize their operations through AI. Assist your agents so they can increase their efficiency and first reply times. Obtain actionable Insights that will deliver better customer service so you can focus on keeping your customers happy. Easily Review your customer interactions in a balanced way to analyze how you're doing and make improvements where needed.

Miuros uses customer service data to free up your team so they can add the personal touch

Build better customer experiences with Review

Analyze and audit your customer interactions on this all-in-one platform. Identify coaching needs and areas for improvement within your organisation.

Deliver better customer service with new actionable Insights

Miuros Insights is an analytical solution for international customer service teams that helps managers identify areas for improvement and empowers agents to self-assess their performance.

Assist your agents in increasing their efficiency and lowering first reply times

Miuros Assist looks at the past actions of your agents, learns how to automatically categorize your tickets resulting in faster triaging and routing, and suggests the most appropriate canned response for your customer requests.

No Need to Call the IT Crowd

Miuros works with your favorite apps and customer service tools to help you do more with your data.

Up & Running in 2 Weeks or Less — Hands-Free

We’re customer experience experts and a tech startup at the same time. Like you, we work in a fast-paced environment. That’s why we take care of setting everything up for you.

Discover if Miuros is the perfect fit — no strings attached.