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What does poor Customer Service mean?

For your customers

  • A waste of time due to long waiting times and inefficient communication
  • A feel of not being considered, appreciated
  • An incentive to change providers

For your company

  • Revenue loss due to customers switching to competitors
  • Damaged brand reputation, higher customer acquisition costs
  • Customer service remains a cost center
With Miuros, Customer Service becomes smarter and faster for everyone.


  • Are freed from very repetitive tasks
  • Spend less time searching for the right information
  • Get evaluated in a fair way
  • Get empowered with performance self-assessment
  • Get recognized for their expertise and initiative

Service Managers

  • Are freed from complex data analysis
  • Get new insights for better decision making
  • Ensure their team complies with communication guidelines
  • Faster onboarding and reduced turnover
  • Better report to Product and Marketing on the customer voice
Prevent customer churn, save time, empower your people.

Miuros helped us significantly to analyze and improve the quality and efficiency of our support responses

– Stephan Seyfarth, Director of Customer Service at Babbel

What is Miuros?

Miuros is a cloud-based platform, transparently integrated into your everyday tools. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, it understands the past actions of your agents in order to automate tasks, make recommendations, and help managers take faster, data-driven decisions.

Automatic Categorization

Save time, ensure proper routing and prioritization of your tickets.
Make the right decisions, leveraging reliable data for your reporting.

Automatic Recommendations

Provide the right answer to your customers faster. Miuros points predefined answers and macros to your agents for faster responses.

Insights Dashboards

Assess the impact of your canned answers with just a few clicks.
Discover trends in your data, and how they affect your KPIs.
Empower your staff with performance self-assessment.

Zero Integration Efforts

Miuros plugs into your existing system, with no effort.
Grant us access to your system in few clicks.
No need to involve your IT team!

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Our vision

At Miuros, we believe that Customer Support is more than a cost center, and we want to help our customers create value out of it. We develop smart solutions that unlock and exploit the great potential of the most underused corporate asset: the Customer Support data. With a better use of this goldmine, we aim to enhance the overall customer experience, the efficiency of Support teams and to deliver actionable insights to Product Development, Marketing and Sales teams.

Our founders

Benoit Gagnon

CEO and co-founder

Benoit is our visionnaire and Customer Support guru. Over the past few years, he's been working in Customer Support for companies of all sizes (Sunospis, Oracle, Ableton, Helpling) in global B2B or B2C contexts, successfully helping them to develop and scale.

Dr. Ricardo De Aldama

Head of Data Science and co-founder

Ricardo is the analytical guy. He started as a mathematician and then evolved as a researcher in Artificial Intelligence. He has worked in many R&D projects, within institutions such as the French Atomic Energy Commission, CNRS or Sony. He holds a PhD in Pure Mathematics and he likes the word "arrebol".

Daniele Alfarone

CTO and co-founder

Daniele is our software architect. Before devoting to Miuros, he researched on Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning at KU Leuven and University of Illinois at Chicago. He can't even tell when he started coding.

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