How Teezily Reshaped its Customer Service in 6 months

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"Every company should place customer service at the heart of their business strategy. Agents represent your brand's mission and values, they are a key source of customer feedback and are fundamental in building customer trust and loyalty. Whether you have a big or small customer service team, you need to make your agents feel seen, heard, and cared about."

Manon Silva Ramos, Customer Service Consultant

As the company expanded, Teezily was starting to receive negative feedback via different channels on their customer service (CS). They quickly understood that it was critical that their CS become more structured, efficient, and productive in order to keep clients happy and sustain the company's growth.

Teezily worked with a business process outsourcer (BPO) supporting them in handling customer queries. They felt it was time to strengthen the relationship with the BPO, upgrading processes, further training and empowering support agents while keeping them engaged.

Download the case study and discover how Teezily:

  • Selected six goals to focus on in order to reshape their customer service

  • Boosted customer satisfaction (CSAT) by 140%

  • Divided by 3 contact rate

  • Reduced by 87,5% resolution time

  • Decreased by 61% response time





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