Focusrite is a global music and audio products group that develops and markets proprietary hardware and software products. Used by audio professionals and amateur musicians alike, its solutions facilitate the high-quality production of recorded and live sound. Focusrite now counts more than 200 employees and has a team of 30 agents and managers dedicated to supporting their customers globally.

Eddie Judd, Technical Support Coordinator (UK), joined Focusrite 6 years ago as a Technical Support Engineer. He’s always been keen on using technology to improve Customer Support activities and create a remarkable experience for both customers and agents.

We got in touch with Eddie at the end of summer ‘17, at a moment where the Support Team Leads were looking for more flexibility in their reporting activity and agents performance: they were looking for solutions to help them spend less time building reports and interpreting their results and rather spend more time deriving actions from the newly revealed insights.

That’s where Miuros came in. Just a couple of weeks after their first chat with us, the whole support management team got access to Miuros Insights and could start analyzing their team members’ performance.

From 15 minutes per agent down to 1 minute.

“Every week, each team lead used to spend around 15 minutes to compile data and analyze it in preparation for the 1:1s with each of their team members. Thanks to Miuros, it now takes a minute” says Eddie. With the Miuros Agent Performance dashboard and its Miuros Smart Benchmark that measure performance in an innovative and fair way, managers, team leads and team members can quickly and easily highlight what people are doing well or where they have to improve. It also empowers agents to self-assess their performance and to benchmark themselves with others while taking into consideration the nature of their work and type of tickets they handle, which is really appreciated by the team.

The #1 reason we decided to work with Miuros is the instant access and visibility it gives us over our data, thus the time it saves our team every month.

Eddie’s team had another challenge: they needed to gain visibility over the quality of their library of 400 pre-defined answers and understand how they are impacting the performance of the team members as well as NPS results. For that purpose, they use the Miuros Insights’ Template Performance dashboard. By identifying how, when and where templates are used and how they impact key metrics, the Focusrite team built and maintains a healthy library of pre-defined answers that improve efficiency without negatively impacting NPS. They even from time to time identify non-official ones that team members came up with for their own use and turn them into official ones shared with the rest of the team.

Last but not least, Eddie’s team uses Miuros as a global support tool whenever a problem is identified, to quickly measure its scale and its impact it on key metrics and performance.

The whole Miuros team is really responsive to questions, feedback and feature requests, delivering things quickly and well. We’re just a few clicks away from precisely monitoring the performance of our support team!

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Within a month the first reply time improved by almost 50% and the average ticket handling time was cut by 10%.

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"Miuros gives us the data we need to ensure that we’re continuing to provide high-quality support as we scale"

– Jenny Evans, Operations Manager at Research Square

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"5 custom fields are now automatically populated by Miuros with up to 98% of correct predictions for some of them."

– Simon S., Support Manager at Ableton

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