Why you need Zendesk Explore + Miuros

If you’re reading this, you probably don’t have any doubts about Zendesk’s credentials as a complete solution for advanced customer service teams. Even if you do, Vimeo, Deliveroo and Mailchimp might convince you otherwise.

A core attraction to their offering is that they provide you with a 360 degree view of your operations with their advanced in-built analytical tool, Zendesk Explore.

What is Zendesk Explore?

Zendesk Explore is the new and improved customer service analytics platform for teams on Zendesk. It's predecessor - Zendesk Insights - was discontinued in February 2021.

It has even more functionality than its predecessor, and you can check out a breakdown of its capabilities here

We’ve been partners with Zendesk since 2018, when we worked together at Station F in Paris. Since then, we’ve been helping companies like TransferWise and Deezer to perfect their customer operations - together.

Read how Heetch drove their performance from ‘family business’ to data driven with Miuros. 

Is Miuros for me?

Miuros is for you if:

✅ You don’t have a lot of time to build and maintain dashboards

✅ You don’t have a customer operations team mine insights

✅ You need to quickly do specific deep-dives for root cause analysis

✅ You want to see specific data related to template performance

✅ You want to easily cross your activity and KPI data with your Quality Assurance data 

So, what is Miuros Insights?  

Miuros Insights is one of the most advanced customer service analytics platforms going. It is a flexible solution that makes complex data accessible to everyone. Through a series of pre-built dashboards, users can drill into data in a very simple way. 

One of the reasons why teams use Miuros is because you can centralize your data and cross QA data with your core metrics. This is invaluable for teams that are chasing to perfect their customer experience.

Zendesk Explore or Miuros Insights?

People sometimes ask us ‘why should I use Miuros Insights over Zendesk Explore?’. It might seem like a fair question on the surface, but you can’t compare the two!

We think that all teams on Zendesk should use Explore - Miuros will be no alternative for that. What we will be able to do, however, is to provide you with even more data related to your activity. We’ll get into that a bit later on!

Our customers use Zendesk for their daily operations, monitoring quality and doing reporting. Once Explore is set up, our customers insist that it’s very user-friendly, simple to use and great to pilot your operations. Then,  when they need to do deep-dives into specific areas of interest, they use Miuros to manipulate their data.

This is because, with Miuros, it’s easy to cross various different dimensions and metrics without having to build anything new. Team leads and managers can be totally autonomous when creating new reports in a short space of time - and save their favourite searches through presets.  

Zendesk gives you everything you need to run day to day options, but if you want to ask a quick question, and you’re not analytically-minded, Miuros can save you some time. 

What Else Does Miuros Do? 

Aside from making data more accessible and saving significant time on reporting, Miuros also has additional features to take your Zendesk to the next level. 

Sentiment Analysis

A lot of customer service teams measure how customers are 'feeling'. Customer satisfaction surveys are the main way that companies measure customer sentiment (CSAT), NPS (Net Promoter Score) or CES (Customer Effort Score), but they aren't always reliable for a number of reasons.

Through Natural Language Processing, we can gauge the sentiment of a customer, so you can tell how your customer base if feeling about a particular part of your service without needing to rely on surveys.

Template Performance

This particular customer service analytic is specific to Miuros. We can tell you what templates or macros are working and which ones aren't. More specifically, we can tell you, for example, if your customer satisfaction is really low for a particular template so that you can remove it or improve it. 

Quality Assurance

There are many solutions that can help you with your quality monitoring or conversation reviews. However, there's only one that will help you cross your quality assurance data with your core metrics. When you can cross your QA data with your customer service analytics data, you will be able to unlock unique insights about operational performance.