Quality Assurance

How Miuros Review makes Reviewers’ Lives Easier

Quality Assurance (QA) is an absolute must for customer service teams today. We probably sound like a broken record by now, but it’s true!

Lots of teams don’t get round to doing conversation reviews because of time pressure; other teams have it too far down the list of priorities within the department.  

What’s important is that companies make the QA process as efficient as possible, so time that spent reviewing tickets is minimized - and time spent training, coaching and improving is maximized

Our philosophy is that cutting the manual work out of the process for team leads and QA teams gives them more time to coach and give great feedback. 

Customer Service QA Admin is dead boring 

No one likes admin. When you’re reviewing tickets, you usually need to have two screens up. One with the ticket you’re reviewing and one with the QA system or spreadsheet you’re scoring on. If you’re still working with spreadsheets, here’s 5 reasons why you should consider a dedicated QA tool.  

In recent times, lots of customer service managers have been stripped of the luxury of their two screens. They might be working from home and not have the space for it, or that they haven’t been able to take them home. For those that have only ever used one screen, this problem is certainly not new. Everything is just a little more fiddly. 

We solve this problem in two ways. 

 1) In-Review Ticket Data

We’ve made it possible for Miuros users to read and review tickets within Miuros Review with our "In-review ticket data" functionality. This feature fetches all the usual information for you to carry out a review (ticket content/conversation and attributes, agent reviewed etc) so that you don’t have to constantly switch between applications.

Imagine it like a ‘picture in picture’ mode where you can have your ticket in your QA scorecard interface. 

2) Chrome Extension

However, sometimes you need the whole picture. If you want to see any additional data (e.g.  the backend data displayed in apps plugged into Zendesk), you would usually need to open your ticketing system’s interface and the review form side by side.  

The Chrome Extension is perfect for those who need to access more data than what is fetched by Miuros, because having to balance the ticketing system’s interface and your quality assurance scorecard side by side is far from optimal.   

Scorecard - Incremental Answers

Once you’ve downloaded the extension, you can freely carry out your reviews without leaving your ticketing system’s interface. 

We’ve made it a bit more intuitive than just selecting tickets to review. 

Here you can cycle through all the reviews that are in your queue. It tells you what quality assurance scorecard you are using, as well as which agent is being reviewed.

Giving good feedback is a must for an effective quality assurance process, so we’ve made sure you can leave comments for each question in your scorecard on this floating console. 

If you’ve found a particular interaction to be interesting or need a second opinion to make sure you are aligned, you can assign calibration reviews to make sure this interaction gets looked at again.  

Productivity Boosts for Reviewers

We found that Cheerz, one of our customers, cut the time it takes to review a ticket down by 5 minutes!

Of course, fewer screens means less time spent switching between applications and tabs, but why stop there?

We thought that we would also cut the number of clicks too. You can use keyboard shortcuts, both on the Chrome Extension and on Miuros, just add a bit more simplicity to the process. You can score or each answer within a scorecard with your keyboard (1,2,3,4), and move between questions with the arrow keys. 

Reviewers can just go through the motions, focusing on rating tickets fairly and giving great feedback.