Build better customer experiences with Review

Analyze and audit your customer interactions on this all-in-one platform. Identify coaching needs and areas for improvement within your organisation.

Empower your agents with constructive feedback

To ensure a consistent message and experience across the board, help your agents to grow. With constructive feedback simply shared with them upon the quality of their interactions with customers, you help them to understand what they do well and what they could improve, continuously. And why not empowering them with peer to peer reviews?

A control loop made simple for you

Simplify your quality assurance process, do not waste anymore time with manual setup and maintenance QA work, let Miuros Review focus on the administrative part so that you can focus on what matters: helping your staff to grow and ensure customers get the level of assistance you expect them to get.

Take your Quality Assurance to the next level

Miuros Review is powered by Miuros Insights, allowing you to not only get some visibility over the results of individuals, teams and reviewers but also fuel your overall Customer Service Performance Management monitoring system with your quality review results.

Automatic Review Assignation

No need to manually identify the tickets to review, let Miuros automatically pick and assign tickets to be reviewed based on your own selection criteria.


Miuros Review embeds mechanisms that allow you to ensure that you have a uniform way of assessing and evaluating the quality of the work delivered by your teams.

Reporting and notifications

Let your reviewers know when new reviews are assigned to them or when some are about to expire. Notify your agents and give them access to a simple and easy to understand report upon the quality of the work they deliver.

One central place, omni-channel

Create your own quality review forms to assess the quality of the interactions with your customers, across all communication channels, across all internalised or externalised teams. All results are centralised in one place giving you a quick and easy access to all results.
Turn your customer service data into better customer experiences