Miuros is a smart assistant for your Customer Support team that is transparently integrated into your existing ticketing system, chat application or homemade customer service application. It learns from the past actions, decisions and answers of your Customer Support agents to automate tasks for them, ensuring faster replies to your customers, less efforts for your customers to get their issues solved and therefore higher satisfaction.

Miuros gets better and better over time! Our system uses Artificial Intelligence techniques to improve from feedback, thus constantly learning and adapting to your business needs.

Automatic Categorization

Save time, ensure proper routing and prioritization of your tickets.

Automatic Categorization

With Miuros, there is no more need for having agents scanning your incoming queues or maintaining tons of keyword-based rules. Whether you need to categorize per language, or specific custom categories, Miuros can intercept new cases as they come in and label them for you automatically, ensuring appropriate triage, routing, prioritization and assignation.

Miuros is smart enough to learn from its mistakes: if an agent relabels a ticket, Miuros detects it and improves its behaviour silently. Our first customer needed 4h 25 mns on average to get their new tickets categorized, now Miuros gets it done in seconds.

Make the right decisions, rely on proper data for your reporting.

Automatic Categorization

It is not rare that a Support ticket handles multiple questions throughout its lifecycle. But how should this ticket be categorized on closure?

Whatever is your preference, Miuros offers you to review and update the categorization of your tickets on closure, always ensuring you have a good overview on the real activity, on real volumes per categories.

Quality Assurance

Preventive Support

Communication analysis.

Most Customer Service teams use canned answers to be more productive while trying to deliver a personal touch at scale.

We help you maintain a healthy library of canned answers. By analyzing the replies to your customers, you can understand how canned answers are used by your team, how they impact your productivity, your customer satisfaction or any other of your key metrics.

We also help you discover custom templates used by your team, so that you can turn the most promising ones into official macros or Knowledge Base articles.

Self-assessment dashboards.

What if your agents and managers could easily self-assess their performance by comparing themselves with the rest of the team?

With our simple and intuitive dashboards, you can empower your staff to self-assess their performance and help them identify areas of improvement.

Automatic Recommendations

Reply faster to your customers, save time for your agents.

Automatic Recommendations

Since Customer Support teams often deal with recurring questions, they also come up with predefined answers and macros to save time and reply faster. Over time, these libraries of templates and macros can grow uncontrollably, making it difficult for your agents, especially the new ones, to stay on top of all of them and to know precisely what to pick.

Well... here Miuros can help again! As soon as a ticket is created or updated, Miuros recommends your agents what templates or macros could be used to answer faster.

But that’s not it: we can also help you maintain your library of templates. Contact us to learn more about it.

Zero installation efforts

Plug Miuros into your existing system, with no effort.

Automatic Categorization

Zero integration efforts! No need to involve your IT team!

All we need to do the magic are credentials to access your system and of course a few hours of your time so we understand your needs and workflows to offer you best results.

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