All-in-One Suite for Intercom

We provide a suite of products for teams on Intercom to make their lives easier. We build customer service BI analytics, quality assurance software and agent automations to help you delight customers.

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Go Deeper in your Data

Miuros Insights has more metrics and dimensions than you'll find on Intercom. We enable customer service professionals to become data scientists with dedicated easy-to-use customer service BI analytics.

A 100% more efficient QA process

Our Quality Assurance puts an emphasis on developing people. Find out if issues are common with particular agents or teams and improve coaching processes to build better customer experiences.

Half your Onboarding Times

Agent-facing automation allows agents to be more focused on the customer by reducing their manual tasks. As well as halving onboarding times, our automatic categorization and template recommendation reduces handling times by 35-50%

Get the most out of your conversations with customers

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