Why Miuros helps your team work smarter

Miuros makes your customer service data easier to drill into than legacy BI tools.

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Not BI, but CSI

Miuros Insights is more flexible than BI tools, and it's tailor-made for customer service professionals. On average, teams using Miuros solve problems 4x faster, thanks to metrics you won't find anywhere else.

A 100% more efficient QA process

Our Quality Assurance puts an emphasis on developing people. Find out if issues are common with particular agents or teams and improve coaching processes to build better customer experiences.

Halve Onboarding times

Agent-facing automation helps agents focus on the customer by reducing their manual tasks. As well as halving onboarding times, our automatic categorization and response recommendation reduces handling times by 35-50%.

Take your support on Helpshift to the next level

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