Bespoke Help Scout Integration

Miuros is an Intelligence Suite that allows you to speed up analysis to improve the customer experience. Go deeper into your data with Miuros' Analytics and Quality Assurance and extract those insights with ease.

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Deeper Analysis, Faster

We enable you to stop scratching the surface of your data and start doing deep dives. Miuros' 'Click and play' interface allows you to start finding inefficiencies from day one - no onboarding required.

Better Customer Experiences

Evaluate all your interactions in one place with data-driven Quality Assurance. Ensure that your customers are receiving universally exceptional care, twice as efficiently.

Evaluate the effect of personalization

With Miuros, you can see how your customers are responding to personalization through your KPIs. Do they respond better when you avoid using a template?

Take your Help Scout system to the next level

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