Why You Need Miuros for Freshdesk

Miuros allows you to cut operational costs and improve the customer experience. You’ve centralized your interactions on Freshdesk, now why don’t you centralize your analytics and QA?

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Streamlined Freshdesk Operations

Make efficiency gains and cut costs with agent-facing automation. Improve First Reply time by 35-50% and Handling Times by 40-50%.

Deeper Analysis, Faster

We enable you to stop scratching the surface of your data and start doing deep dives. Miuros' 'Click and play' interface allows you to start finding inefficiencies from day one - no onboarding required.

Serious Quality Assurance

Miuros Review for Freshdesk allows you to review inteactions twice as quickly. Improving your quality has never been easier.

Improve efficiency with Miuros for Freshdesk

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