Deliver better customer service with new actionable Miuros Insights

Miuros Insights is an analytical solution for international customer service teams that helps managers identify areas for improvement and empowers agents to self-assess their performance.

Make data-driven decisions

Benefit from a sophisticated and intuitive AI-powered analytical solution in order to make faster, data-driven decisions. Insights is your personal data scientist, your dependency on other departments for data analysis will finally be over.

Save hours every week

Consume actionable information brought to your attention automatically by Miuros Insights. Discover new insights within minutes, instead of hours, revealed by our AI and derive actions to improve your operations and people.

Empower your agents

Let your agents self-assess their performance with the Miuros Smart Benchmark, a new and fair way to measure performance.

Quality Assurance

Explore, navigate, slice and dice your data to validate assumptions, measure performance or compare each element with the average. All within just a few clicks.

Communication Analysis

Break down each of your key metrics depending on the usage of canned responses. Understand how they are used and how they impact your Customer Satisfaction and productivity. Monitor adherence to communication guidelines and identify optimizations to be made.

Template Analysis

Build a healthy library of canned responses and figure out which ones have high re-opening rates, which ones have a negative impact on your Customer Satisfaction and assess how often these canned responses are being customized or even completely changed. Miuros Insights also gives you visibility and metrics over private and non-official canned responses that your agents created for themselves.

Agent Performance

Empower your staff to self-assess their performance in a fair way and save the management team lots of time they would normally spend analyzing data. The Agent Performance dashboard will help your agents interpret their results and how their trends compare to others. This dashboard also provides easy access to comments customers left about your agents.

More from Miuros Insights

Artificial Intelligence

Our unique canned responses analysis relies on Artificial Intelligence to derive new insights.


Let Miuros Insights send you an alert whenever a specific metric deviates from your expectations.

Period over period analysis

Miuros Insights automatically compares results period over period to understand trends.

Unlimited access

Grant access to Miuros Insights to anyone in your company, unlimited.


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Automated Insights

Automated data exploration that will bring unprecedented valuable insights to your attention.

Turn your customer service data into better customer experiences