Customer Service QA to Build Better Experiences

An all in one QA platform to analyze and audit customer interactions. Identify and create more precious coaching opportunities to help agents develop their skills.

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Simpler & Faster Process

Using a QA solution simplifies your processes. Make Quality Assurance twice as efficient with Miuros Review.

A More Complete Way of Understanding Performance

With the precious time you save with Miuros Review, you will create more, valuable coaching and development opportunities to empower your people to grow.

Customer Experience

Having a holistic view of your operations is crucial to improving the customer experience. Ensure consistency across the board through universal benchmarking.

"Now with Miuros Review we've been able to level up to the next stage and share information and feedback with everybody".

Patrick Dunford/Global Client Support Manager

Automatically Assign & Schedule Reviews

Based on your selection criteria, Miuros’ QA system will unbiasedly choose and assign the most important tickets to be reviewed - so you don’t have to cherry pick. Schedule reviews for when suits you best.

Custom QA Scorecards

Across all communication channels for all teams. Have all the results centralized, giving you quick and easy access to improvements.

Real-Time 360° Reporting

Play with your data, filter down and extract those actionable insights. Benchmark your agents, teams and/or business process outsourcers in an instant - and let your agents assess their own performance on the go.

Smart Notifications

Let QA reviewers know when they’re assigned new reviews and when old ones are about to expire. Notify agents when their tickets get reviewed: with an easy-to-digest report packed with tips and guidance, agents can assess their performance in real time.

See the Big Picture

Quickly identify a decreasing knowledge trend and figure out whether this is at an agent level, common in a team or is a wider issue. Build stronger relationships between teams and ensure consistency and uniformity.

Peer-to-Peer Reviewing & Calibration

Allow your agents to take on more responsibility; give them even more opportunities to grow through QA. Our calibration ensures that all your QA reviewers have the same interpretation of the team guidelines, so each team is reported on fairly.

Turn your customer service data into better customer experiences

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