Customer Service Automation to Supercharge Your Agents

Miuros Assist is an AI-based assistant for mature Customer Service teams that harnesses Machine Learning to boost productivity and reactivity.

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Slash First Reply Times

Automating manual tasks significantly reduces the time customers have to wait for a response. Solve customer problems faster to boost customer satisfaction.

Save up to 60 Seconds per Ticket

Categorizing tickets automatically and suggesting templates drastically improves agent efficiency. Cut handling times by up to 40% with Miuros Assist.

Easier & Faster Onboarding

Getting familiar new processes takes time. Accelerate the ramp up of your agents by shortening their learning curves and giving them guidance on how to respond to customer requests.

“Auto-categorization helped us save a lot of time and spread the workload. Miuros really works, and it's super intuitive. I know the back-end is very complex, but Miuros makes it really simple".

Peter Voor de Wind/Global Head of Customer Support

Empower People with Customer Service Automation

Humans will always be at the centre of customer service. We help them reach their full potential with customer service automation. By automating their manual tasks, they can focus on the customer.

Automatic Ticket Categorization

Within seconds a ticket’s arrival, Miuros Assist automatically populates your ticket fields. Triaging and rerouting tickets in a smarter way reduces human intervention to make work less labour-intensive.

Template Recommendation

Natural Language Processing scans your library of templates and the content of each ticket to recommend the responses for each specific customer request.

Chasing Perfection

Our customer service automation constantly learns from the way you categorize tickets and use templates. Assist corrects itself from your actions to improve recommendations over time.

Powerful Search Engine

A typo-tolerant search engine you won’t find anywhere else. Search templates by title - or by content - to give you that extra efficiency boost.

Smart Warnings

If a specific template has already been used with a customer in any of his/her previous tickets, a warning sign will be shown to make sure the customer receives exceptional care.

Turn your customer service data into better customer experiences

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