A New Breed of Customer Service Analytics

Quick Answers to Sophisticated Questions: With a series of flexible dashboards, managers are empowered to make fairer, data-driven decisions. Miuros Insights is, for all intents and purposes, a virtual data scientist.

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Make Data-Driven Decisions

Analyzing data is time-consuming and not everyone can do it. Benefit from AI-powered analytics that make data simple for customer service people. Be the data-driven decision maker.

Save Hours Every Week

By pre-processing metrics, teams on Miuros solve problems on average 4x faster. As customer service experts, we compute the metrics you need - so you don't have to.

Empower Your Entire Team

It's not just for the managers. Reviewing agent performance should be fair. The Miuros Smart Benchmark offers a new and fair way for agents to assess their own performances.

"The #1 reason we decided to work with Miuros is the instant access and visibility it gives us over data, thus the time it saves our team every month".

Eddie Judd/Technical Support Coordinator

Metrics You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

We pride ourselves on complex customer service analytics that managers love. Our ‘eagle-eye’ calculations include sentiment score and productivity metrics.

Deep-Dive and Big Picture Ticket Analytics

Discover trends, visualize their evolution over time, then drill down and make the data-driven decisions you crave. If a specific metric diverts from its usual value, you can nail down the origin of the change in a few clicks.

Industry-Leading Template Analytics

Reveal how templates are being used, how they impact your productivity, customer satisfaction or other KPIs. Identify ‘private’ templates: share the best ones and eliminate the ones that aren’t working.

Fair Agent Performance

The Miuros Smart Benchmark looks at agent and team performance holistically, taking into account the specific nature and distribution of tickets worked. To save managers time - and to empower agents to self-assess - we compute and email these performance analyses with insightful feedback and tips to improve.

Tracking Suggestions

With Miuros’ customer service analytics, you don’t even have to dig. Our ‘Did You Know?’ dashboard displays perceptive insights that you can take advantage of straight away.

Turn your customer service data into better customer experiences

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