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"It's never felt like we're buying something from Miuros - this is two parties finding a win-win situation. We learn from you and you learn from us. I love having the discussions with Benoit and Cécile on what we need and I always find it funny how genuine they are when they say ‘oh, we didn't think of that - ok, hmm’. It's normal for other companies to say ‘oh yeah, we don't do that’. With Miuros it's a very open collaboration".

Peter Voor de Wind, Global Customer Service Manager

In this case study, you'll find out how Swapfiets saved precious time with Miuros and analyzed their data with ease to keep a tight grip on the handlebars during hyper-growth!


Swapfiets is the result of an adventurous group of friends and an ingenious concept. With a monthly subscription and no upfront cost, Swapfiets offers their customers a bicycle - with all services included. If it's stolen or needs fixing, just book a free appointment or schedule a swap - directly from their intuitive app.

They are now the world’s largest bike subscription service and you can find their iconic blue-tyred bicycles in the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium and Germany.

The Challenge

No time during hyper growth

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Under Peter's watch, Swapfiets’ customer service team grew from ‘non-existent’ to 100 agents - but with rapid growth comes growing pains.

Before Miuros, Swapfiets support team was made up of 25 people. Funnelling tickets to the right inboxes was a time-consuming and manual process. In Peter’s mind, it wasn’t sustainable: he wanted automation to make the whole process less labour-intensive and to divide shift patterns more easily. 

“We were growing so fast that we didn’t have time to even look at our data. We certainly didn’t have time to build any complicated dashboards. Our minds were focused on doing the right thing for our customers — it was more important to help them than to look at our data.”

Peter Voor de Wind, Global Head of Customer Service

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Having no clear visibility over weekly ticket volumes, contact reasons and reply times was frustrating. Additionally, some team captains had never worked in a metrics-driven customer service setting. 

Swapfiets needed to categorize their tickets and find time to conduct data analysis.

The Solution

Advanced automation and simple analytics

Peter instantly saw how Swapfiets could benefit from a partnership with Miuros. The most obvious benefit, at first, was the automatic categorization. At last, the time-consuming human element of the process was removed - and the right tickets were funneled to the right inboxes in an instant. Now it’s an integral part of Swapfiets’ support workflow. 

"The simplicity made me choose Miuros”

Peter Voor de Wind, Global Head of Customer Service

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Swapfiets’ KPIs were now accessible to everyone. As Peter saw it, Miuros was teaching his team how to use complex metrics every day. Fazan Ahmed, Customer Service Manager (Denmark), remembers using Miuros on his first day at Swapfiets: 

“The whole flow is really ‘click and play’, there's no rocket science in using it. I didn’t have a Miuros onboarding, I just spent my first day clicking everything! I quickly found out what to do and where to find what I needed”.

Fazan Ahmed, Manager (Denmark)

Sending team members on courses to learn customer service-specific metrics would have been expensive; “with Miuros Insights, I did not need to do that,” says Peter. But it soon became apparent that the advantage of Miuros wasn’t just in the technology. Miuros’ Customer Success team is always there to give support to Peter’s team captains, even when he isn't around. 


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What’s Next?

Lots of teams are focusing on productivity, but Swapfiets want to focus on quality. Since November 2019, they have been carrying out Quality Assurance with Miuros Review

The teams at Swapfiets and Miuros continue to grow their partnership and keep pushing each other forwards.  


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