How Stuart Leverages Customer Service Quality Assurance to Grow their Business

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"As a business, we focus on efficiency and productivity first. When the company started to grow fast, we looked for improvements and alternatives. It became obvious that we needed to move away from spreadsheets, and adopt a solution that we could connect to our ticketing system and that would be specifically designed for customer service quality assurance."

Boryana Boneva Quality Assurance Manager

In order to become an impact-driven company and achieve a first-class delivery experience blending speed, flexibility, and convenience, Stuart had to make sure their customers' voice was heard and acted upon. This would help them increase customer satisfaction, grow their turnover, and boost retention. 

In addition, as the company managed two different audiences: delivery partners, and end customers, their action plan had to drive positive change in both directions. 

The challenge was to maintain excellence among support agents while keeping them engaged with the review cycle and their personal development. Stuart selected five goals centered on quality assurance (QA) and agent development.

Download the case study and find out how Stuart:

  • Reduced the gap between the QA team and agents in the pursuit of a better customer experience

  • Leveraged a deeper analysis to understand agent performance and create valuable development opportunities

  • Managed to reduce from 15min to 5min the handling time of ticket selection and review 

  • Saved 20 hours/week for QA managers on global report preparation

  • Determined new optimizations levers for customer experience through analytics





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