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"A centralized hub for accurate information. I'm able to look at so many different things so quickly". 

Cory Osiborski Senior Manager Customer Experience

Nom Nom

Nom Nom is a pet health company that offers fresh, human-grade food, crafted by a board certified veterinary nutritionist™ to be optimal for most dogs and cats.

Since they offer a best-in-class premium product, their customer support has to follow suit. With that in mind, Nom Nom tries to be exceptionally personal; they view every interaction as a chance to further develop a relationship with a customer.

The Challenge

Finding the balance between speed and personalization 

Rewinding to early 2019, the Nom Nom Customer Experience team had 4 members of leadership, and only 6 agents. There was a certain imbalance before Cory Osiborski arrived, brought in to be the new manager of a team that needed to be scaled.  

At this moment in time, discussions were already taking place between Nom Nom and Miuros; it seemed like Miuros had the answers to the big questions being asked.

The first was, ‘how reliable is our data?’. Cory remembers what it was like before Miuros: 

Every time that we ran numbers, they would come out different. There was such a lag, it was never in real time. My old trainer was great with Zendesk but still, every time we were trying to pull numbers, it was always a little bit off, which just makes me crazy.

Cory Osiborski Senior Manager Customer Experience

He wanted an analytical solution that could deliver all of the standard customer experience metrics - with consistency, and in real time - but with additional firepower. The other key question that was being asked was ‘how is our template usage affecting our Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)?’. 

Finding the balance between speed and personalization - whilst delivering exceptional customer service - was a must. Because they use a lot of templates, they needed to find a way to analyze each one to see how personalization was affecting key metrics and to consistently delight their customers. The perfect balance: personalized care, delivered at pace.

The Solution

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