Helpling is the leading online marketplace for home services outside the US. It operates in multiple countries and its Customer and Service Provider Care operations are structured so that specific teams work specific types of requests in each country.

Automatic Categorization

Before implementing Miuros, Helpling's team leads were responsible for manually triaging incoming requests to the proper team's queue. This was adding unnecessary delays to the first time customers and service providers would hear back from Helpling.

Helpling and Miuros partnered to have this process fully automated.

Within a month after implementing Miuros' Automatic Categorization solution, the first reply time improved on Helpling's major market by almost 50% and the average ticket handling time was cut by 10%. This improvements freed up precious time to the Team Leads.

Template Performance and Usage

Over time, like most of Customer Service organizations, Helpling developed a set of pre-defined answers to reply faster to repetitive questions. For efficiency matters, Service agents are expected to use them while slightly modifying their content to give a personal touch to the replies.

Helpling had no other way than manually checking several tickets for each service agent to assess whether or not this guidance was applied. This process was not only inefficient, but also inaccurate, since only a tiny fraction of tickets could be reviewed.

Helpling turned to Miuros to solve this problem.

Thanks to Miuros' Insights Dashboards, managers and team leads at Helpling can now save hours of manual work to assess how often templates are being used, and how often they’re being customized or even completely modified. They can also identify cases where individual agents have their own rogue set of pre-defined answers. All responses are tied back to customer satisfaction and handling times giving valuable insights to the management team.

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