How Heetch went from 'family business' to data-driven with Miuros

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"What I like about Miuros is that they don't want to mould every customer care into the same shape. Some KPIs and logic have to be there but, for me, you define your own care and you tailor it to your business. You have to feel it, and Miuros get that".

Pierre Ovtchinnikoff Head of Global Operations

In this case study you will find out how Heetch saved the time of 2 FTE and continue to benefit from an ROI of 5.3x from just one of Miuros' products - while using the whole suite! Download the full case study here.


Heetch drivers are available around the clock when public transport lets you down. Through their friendly and professional ride-hailing app, you can ‘heetch’ a ride with professional drivers and be assured of total payment flexibility. 

The Challenge

Manual work and lack of data visibility

Our journey starts with Pierre, who joined Heetch in 2016 as one of two process engineers in the Operations and Logistics Team whose goal was to optimize internal processes. Pierre was quickly put in charge of the Customer Care team, then comprising a dozen people.

As Pierre and Hugues (the current Head of the department) tell us, Customer Care has always been at the heart of the business: 

“We don't want to use bots or machines - or to be seen as robots. What's important for us is to have a real closeness to, and be empathetic with, our users. We know that customer service is really painful because, usually, you're following up on a bad experience. ‘Ok, you've made the effort to contact us, so here's a human that will answer, instead of a bot that will just ask you a few questions and give you an automatic response’”.

Hugues Le Chevallier Head of Customer Care

At the time, and because of their human-centric approach, Heetch received 5,000 tickets a week, requiring 1 or 2 people a day just to handle ticket categorization. “We called them ‘ticket killers'. Their main role was to sort tickets by volume and type, and organize teams based on Zendesk views”, says Hugues. “It was boring for them”.  

As well as chat, phone and email, they had a seperate channel in Zendesk from people leaving comments after their rides. Aside from the ‘ticket killers’, they were also losing time going through these tickets. Pierre wanted automation to sort queries by importance and to streamline the workflow.

This was all happening at the same time as switching the business from a p2p-based model to using professional drivers. Pierre explains, “we had to transition the care team from ‘a family business’ to a professional operation”.

With that, he wanted Customer Care to become more ‘operational’ in the analysis of their own data - to produce their own metrics and derive their own insights. 

“We struggled on the data part. We were using Zendesk's GoodData and it wasn't very easy to read, download or work on. The main problem was we didn't have a lot of data and couldn’t measure the KPIs we wanted”.

Hugues Le Chevallier Head of Customer Care

In short, Heetch had two primary concerns: to boost the efficiency of the department and to make them more data-driven through access to cleaner data. The challenge was to do this without compromising on the customer-centricity of their operation. 

The Solution

Streamlining processes and becoming data-driven

Heetch got in touch with Miuros in mid-2018. The immediate attraction was to Miuros’ automation: “the team was spending too much time in their inboxes and struggling to find ways to automate ticket handling in Zendesk” says Pierre. “There was so much noise in our ticket volume”.

Miuros Assist would automate...

To read the full case study, including 'the solution', 'the results' and 'what's next?', you will need to download it here!


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