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"We're getting everybody to be data-driven and to own their data. We've seen a massive shift towards that in the last few months and that's been very good" Now, I can ask any manager 'why is your CSAT dropping' and they can go and find the answer without having to rely on anyone else'. It's turned managers into 'analysts' - we've empowered them to do their own digging and drive performance".

Karina Schack Transition Manager

In this case study, you'll find out how FREE NOW unified all of their local markets under one roof with Zendesk and Miuros. Read on to see how they empowered managers and agents to take control of performance, and promoted a healthy culture of sharing feedback and knowledge across the company, not just the department.


Formerly known as mytaxi, FREE NOW is the biggest multi-service mobility provider in Europe, operating in 100+ European cities. They are on a journey to make urban mobility better for passengers, drivers and communities, and to help cities to thrive.

In such a competitive space, their focus is to become a greener first-choice for their users. It’s all about creating a great customer experience, for drivers and passengers alike. 

The Challenge

Centralizing customer service operations 

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In 2019, Karina Schack worked for Kapten (part of the FREE NOW group) as an Operations Quality Manager. But, when FREE NOW merged with Kapten in July 2020, Karina moved into her new role: Transition Manager. 

“2020 was a complicated year”, remembers Karina. This was an understatement. FREE NOW had 9 customer service teams - one for each country of operations. Their goal was to create two central customer service hubs (Lisbon and Athens) to treat all ‘Tier 1’ requests, for which no local knowledge is required (e.g. a Cancellation Fee query). This way, each local team could focus on the more challenging requests; each country has different laws, so it is crucial that they follow procedures and display great knowledge to give the very best care. 

Karina took on many new responsibilities. She is now part of the team that builds, structures and implements the strategy for customer service at a global scale. “My role is broad, it changes on a weekly basis. It’s a fast-paced environment with a startup mentality - I can be working on anything from process alignment to liaising with local markets and the hub”, says Karina.   

FREE NOW’s biggest challenges were threefold: 

  • To centralize all their data and unify their support so that, no matter what country users were contacting from, their experience was of the highest quality. 

  • To empower their team leads to take ownership of the performance of their team. Teams had varying levels of knowledge, especially when it came to data analysis.

  • To implement Quality Assurance for the hub and for each local market. Karina remembers that using Google sheets was “a real headache”, and that “getting some useful reporting out of it is a really complex process". 

The Solution & Results

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