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“It gives me a level of insight that I physically can’t get from Salesforce and that is really unique. I’m able to gain insight I didn't know was possible about the behaviour of our agents; being able to see their activities without actually having to sit behind them and watch them in real time".

James Baldwin Director of User Success and Support

In this case study you'll find out how Miuros helps stay at maximum efficiency through agent-facing automation and a unique level of insight. For the full case study, click here. is the world’s largest platform for change. Anyone in the world can create or sign a petition to support a cause they care about. With more than 400 million users, thousands of petitions are created every week; from petitioning for a local mayor to fix a pothole to far-reaching, worldwide humanitarian crises. 

The User Success & Support Team at ensures that every customer journey is successful and that they have a great experience.  

The Problem

Ensuring Consistency

For James Baldwin, Director of User Success & Support, consistency is everything. He is focused on delivering unwavering customer experience for his users in 196 countries. 

“The worst thing you can see in a service experience in general, is to speak to two different people and get two different answers. You walk away feeling very confused, very very unhappy".

James Baldwin Director of User Success and Support

To ensure that customers are receiving universally high levels of care with one uniform message, manages a library of over 100 templates across 11 languages. However, James is also a firm believer in treating every customer as an individual.

“We want to use empathy, to customize things and make sure that people feel heard and listened to".

James Baldwin Director of User Success and Support

Of course, there are SLAs* to be met too. Lowering First Response Times and Handling Times was also important for’s support team, so they were always exploring new ways to make life easier for their agents - to stop them typing so much and to help them find relevant answers for customers more quickly. 

Whilst Salesforce Service Cloud offers a great deal of customization, you need professional developers to really build it the way you want it - something that’s not a given in every organization. The interface took too many clicks to get you to where you wanted to be, especially when it came to applying email templates. 

James was always digging into ways to optimize; to allow his team to get where they desired, faster. With that in mind, wanted something that would give them deeper insight into their template usage data and to cut the amount of clicks needed to go through their processes. 

*SLA = Service Level Agreement

The Solution 

A Unique Level of Insight

After seeing how seamless the integration with their Salesforce ecosystem was, partnered with Miuros to implement Assist and Insights in January 2019.

The immediate draw to Miuros was...

To read the full case study, including 'the solution' and 'the results', you will need to download it here!

What’s Next? is growing fast. The challenge is to continually scale their User Success & Support Team’s operation with the growth of the platform. James really puts an emphasis on the internal infrastructure that helps his team, so that they have what they need to support users properly. 

"The forefront of our focus is to make sure that, no matter what complexities are changing our processes or platforms, the tools we use are always as simple to use as possible - and give the maximum value to our front line agents,” says James.

Cutting onboarding times when welcoming new people to the team will also be important. “Another benefit of a solution like Miuros is, if you don't know the 100 templates that we have, Miuros is saying ‘here's four possible ones that could apply.’”


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