Ableton makes Ableton Live, a unique product for producing and performing music with a computer, Push, an instrument that puts the fundamental elements of music-making at your fingertips, and a technology that keeps devices in time over a wireless network: Link.

Ableton currently employs around 300 people from its offices in Berlin, Germany; Pasadena, California and Tokyo, Japan.

You may think you have not heard of Ableton before, but you almost certainly did: in your favorite songs, at concerts, in clubs, in TV theme tunes, during awards shows, and at the theater.

Ableton’s Customer Support has a global coverage with teams in Berlin and Pasadena. Simon S., Support Manager at Ableton, explains why they chose to partner with Miuros:

Like every customer service organization, we need to quickly triage and route our customer requests to the right team or person to ensure fast replies. To support this, we have defined a hierarchical categorization that first distinguishes among technical questions versus sales-related ones. The second level of categorization helps us to monitor trends with issues reported by our users.

Before Miuros, part of our cases used to be categorized by customers themselves through our contact forms on our help portal, and we were categorizing the other part manually, which was a waste of time.

We are firm believer in simplicity and we are convinced it should be simple for someone who wants to contact us to do so, without having to fill out several fields on a contact form.

We approached Miuros with this goal in mind: let’s free up our support team members from “useless” tasks so they can focus on customers, and let’s reduce efforts customers have to put in to contact us.

When we started with Miuros, we asked them to automate the categorization of cases that came in through emails. 5 custom fields are now automatically populated by Miuros with up to 98% of correct predictions for some of them.

After a few months, and to enhance our users experience, we broadened the scope of the automatic categorization by removing the extra questions on our Contact Forms that we used to rely on to categorize customer requests.

We’re now considering additional services from Miuros, especially to support us with our quality assurance processes with Miuros Insights Dashboards.

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