On-demand Webinar: The Future of Customer Service in the Gaming Industry

Have you ever wondered how customer service, and the use of quality assurance, might impact the gaming industry? Does understanding performance and having a holistic view of your CS operations sound far-fetched, or a distant dream?

Historically, gaming companies haven’t always realized the impact customer service and quality assurance (QA) can have on their business. We’re here to show you the future!

In this episode, Tony Won, a player support executive, and Benoit Gagnon, co-founder of Miuros, discussed the importance of excellent customer service and look ahead to the future of CS in the gaming industry. 

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why brands are starting to realize that it’s not all about getting rid of as many tickets as fast as possible. Quality matters.

  • How companies can start bringing more value to their businesses through their support teams. Robust QA and analytics solutions can help gaming companies move away from the old quality assurance systems of spreadsheets and manual calibration.

  • How to seamlessly deep-dive into support tickets, speedily alleviate issues, and come up with solutions to benefit both the agent and player experience. 

  • The importance of educating your organization on why CS and QA are vital investments. We’ll show you real-life examples (including the numbers!) on how investing in your QA can positively impact profits, players satisfaction, and retention.