On-Demand Webinar: How FREE NOW became a data driven customer service team

Watch below on-demand! In this webinar we talk to our customers, FREE NOW, about centralization, empowering managers with data and sharing knowledge and feedback. Then we top it all off with a look at Quality Assurance Calibration and a Q&A!


Derek Kochanowski - Moderator, Miuros

Karina Schlak - Transition Manager, FREE NOW

Liliana Cabral - Passenger Care Team Manager UK, FREE NOW

Cécile Franchini - Head of Customer Success, Miuros

Key Moments

Introduction: 1:28

Who are FREE NOW?: 3:55

The Challenges: 7:25

Centralization: 9:50

Empowering Managers: 15:10

Sharing Knowledge & Feedback: 19:10

Calibration: 24:12

Summary: 30:00

Q&A: 31:10


As mentioned in the webinar, you can download our Calibration Guide here!

Calibration Guide Download Asset

A big thank you again to FREE NOW, Karina and Liliana for helping us to put on this webinar!