Top Tips to Attract the Best Customer Service Talent to Your Company

Start off on the right foot by hiring the best people

The best customer service agents not only have outstanding social skills, but are incredibly resilient too. They’re cool, calm and collected under pressure, and stay patient even in the most frustrating of circumstances. But this isn’t all. To bring the most value to the business, customer service agents need to be efficient. They need to learn fast, be well organized, and be adept at juggling a variety of tasks all at the same time.

Unfortunately, attracting candidates with this unique skill set can be a challenge, especially today when a record number of companies are finding it difficult to recruit staff.

To succeed, it’s clear that you need to stand apart from the rest. But how? Here are some ideas:

1. Be an inspiration to new recruits

Pitch your company as a great place to work, in terms of culture, product, team, skills and career development, benefits and perks. Showcase everything you have to offer. If you can inspire new recruits, you will attract more talent and be off to a winning start.

2. Empower your agents with technology

There are many innovative tools available that will not only help your employees to do their job more effectively but will make it more enjoyable too. Quality assurance and automation tools are a great place to start, and can remove many of the menial tasks that cause boredom and frustration, freeing up time to be spent on more satisfying work. This can be very appealing to new team members, especially younger generations who have grown up with technology and crave new digital solutions. In fact, the majority (71%) of millennials consider a company’s use of technology when evaluating future employers.

3. Offer structured tech training and onboarding

If a new agent can get off on the right foot, then their time to value will reduce tremendously. Set up a structured tech training plan, along with a well-thought-out onboarding program, and you’ll be in a better place to succeed.

To attract the best people, don’t forget to shout about these things in your recruitment campaigns. By actively demonstrating how you offer the best tools

and working environment for your employees, you’ll stand a much better chance of achieving a setup that will help you deliver high-quality service and improve customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores.

4. Create an environment where CS agents want to work

Company culture has never been more important to employees, who rank the level of collaboration and transparent decision-making as being important to them

Help create an environment where employees want to work by making their lives easier. Remove data silos and make sure workers have the information they need at their fingertips via a centralized source of data.

Top customer service agents are the secret to happy customers

Ultimately, when you get recruitment right, everyone wins. Employees are committed to their new role, more engaged and productive, better incentivized, and will deliver great and consistent levels of service. 

As a result, customers are happier, as it’s easier and faster for them to get issues resolved. They are more likely to be loyal, increase their value, and will recommend you to friends and family, which makes the business happier too.