Report: Effect of Covid-19 on Agents

Contents of the Guide (download full report)

- Introduction/Methodology (p3)

- Scratching the Surface (p6)

- Shift to Remote Working (p9)

- Dealing with New Contact Reasons (p12)

- Motivation & Productivity (p14)

- Job Security (p20)

- Neutrality (p24)

- Conclusion (p26)


Welcome to Miuros’ report on the Effects of Covid-19 on Customer Service Agents. This is not intended as an in-depth scientific study but, rather, a first ‘big-picture’ evaluation of the continually evolving implications of the crisis on customer service teams globally. Our goal is simply to give the community some ‘live’ insight into the developing situation and to help you understand what the general sentiment is amongst your people.

We pooled the responses of hundreds of agents from around the world, from companies of varying sizes and varying department sizes. From the 13 questions we asked them, we’ve gathered insight into how the pandemic has impacted their lives.

Representation of responses per industry image

Scratching the Surface:  

Upon first glance, we observed a number of things. 

It comes as no surprise that more than 80% of our pool were working remotely at the time of submission.

Shift to Remote Working: We were surprised to find that just under 20% of our agents were full time remote before the crisis. For the remaining 63%, the crisis represents a drastic change in their working environment. 

Contact Reasons: Shifting to this remote working environment can be very daunting for those who have never done it before - especially because 70% noticed a significant impact on contact reasons since the beginning of Covid-19. Did companies provide their people with sufficient material to answer these requests? We will explore this by industry. 

Motivation and Productivity: We were delighted to hear that 76% of agents are as motivated to carry out their roles as before. Equally, 59%....

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