Quality Assurance

The Agent Development Plan

Improving the feedback that agents receive is an essential part of quality assurance. One of the best ways to do this is to monitor the effectiveness of the comments that reviewers are making

But the way in which they receive this feedback is equally as important. Agents need an easy way to keep track of all these meaningful comments, so they can apply it to their work consistently. We’re all human, we’re all going to forget certain aspects of feedback given to us; so what can we do to limit it? 

If someone’s making a conscious effort to keep it all on board, they’ve probably got it written down somewhere and are regularly checking it. However, the extra care that’s going into applying feedback is probably losing them time - whether it be because it’s on a different screen, in a separate application or handled in an unstructured way (or all three). 

It poses a challenge to managers for the same reason: making your feedback as accessible as possible for your agents.

Agent Reporting 1

Every agent has a central hub where they can access all the comments and advice that reviewers are giving them. They don’t need to dig into old scorecards, check a performance report or consult an external application. All the most important feedback is integrated within their quality assurance system. 

Agent Reporting 2

As a reviewer, you might want the option to leave a comment on a review and highlight the comment in a more long-term space - it can be both. 

You can choose to leave a comment from within the Agent Development Plan interface - or you can choose to send one directly when you’re conducting your normal reviews. Your comments are automatically pushed to your agents, without having to note them down elsewhere before a 1-1 session.

For ongoing development, you can also add tasks that need to be completed within a given time frame. This will really give structure to the development of your agents. Setting them goals to aim for in a given time will encourage them to grow. 

The goal of the Agent Development Plan is simple: 

  • Cut out the middleman (no need to continually keep track of recurring notes elsewhere); 

  • Create a simpler way for reviewers to leave meaningful feedback; and

  • Deliver it in a more valuable and accessible way for agents. 

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