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Miuros: We're Rebranding

Miuros: We’re Rebranding

We've been working on it for quite some time. Now we're finally here. We are proud to announce the launch of Miuros' new branding - complete with a totally new website. 

Why the new logo? 

We've had the same branding since we launched and, whilst our core values of helping teams get the most out of their data remain, we wanted our new branding to reflect all the ways in which we've changed. 

The most obvious change is our logo - it’s much more straightforward. It exemplifies how we take complex data and make it simple. There are 4 shapes under the word ‘miuros’. Notice how the shapes progress from more rounded borders to clearly-defined edges. This is how we help you mould your data to the way you want it - and bring it into focus. 

Through the bonds that we have created with our customers, we realised that the relationship was much more significant than just a customer and a vendor. We deal in win-win situations with our customers; we learn together, grow together and succeed together. The more robust, bold text epitomizes this.  

Miuros Rebranding logo

What else has changed?

Our dev team has been instrumental in carrying out an overhaul of the old website. Everything has been revamped and updated - including the modernization of our product pages, so that they are easier to understand - but with some major additions: 

  • Pricing: We wanted to be fully transparent with our pricing. For the first time, we have decided to display a dedicated pricing page that lists products and features of our customer service automation, analytics and QA platforms, so you can get instant visibility over what we do. 

  • Case Studies: Now our team has grown, we now have people dedicated to creating bespoke customer case studies. Part of our ethos is wanting to publicly share our customers’ successes: our Case Study page is the perfect place to highlight their achievements; and for you to imagine your future partnership with us. 

  • Blog: Finally, as customer service experts, we wanted to feed you with new and insightful content that will inspire you to get the most out of your customer service data and improve the customer experience. 

What can we expect from Miuros in the coming months?

Lots more relevant content. We’ll be hosting webinars, producing videos, compiling reports and publishing articles to help keep you informed. 

If you're keen to stay up to date with the world of customer service, please sign up for our newsletter - we would love to have you! If there are specific topics you’re interested in, you can contact us at - we would be delighted to hear about the content that speaks to you the most. 

What about the product? 

The Miuros dashboards you know and love aren’t going anywhere any time soon... But, whilst there is no imminent change to how our products look, we are working on a huge upgrade of our UI and UX - so stay tuned for that!

Update: Our new UI & UX is live!

The new Miuros is here and is more ready than ever to turn your customer service data into actionable insights.