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Miuros 2020 Wrapped

It’s been a tough time for all of us, but we’ve battled through together

We don’t want to dwell too much on the negatives of this year - we want to spread some positivity! So, here’s our Miuros Review of 2020...

Incredible Insights

Thank you to you all for making this the best year of product usage so far!

Year Retro - 2 Product Stats

We're delighted to see our number of users grow. This is thanks, in part, to the new integrations that we've developed with Intercom and Helpshift to cater to more support teams. Mainly, however, it's been a pleasure to get your new joiners up and running on Miuros.

Product Progression

We’re so proud of our product teams for continuing to add amazing features to our products. Here are the product highlights for the year:

- Modernized UI: We think it needed it! Just as the website got a makeover, so did our (now) beautiful product. If you’re a new customer, we can assure you, it definitely didn’t look as slick as it does now!

- Google Single Sign-On (SSO): We’ve tightened up our security at Miuros, there’s nothing more important to us than the security of your data. This SSO also means that you can enable 2-step verification, and sign in faster than before.

 - Agent Development Plan & new Agent Reporting: The Agent Development Plan now gives you the chance to set your agents goals and give great feedback in a centralized space. Keeping track of progress has never been simpler!

- 1-Screen Review (Ticket Content): Perfect for your remote and occasional ‘home office’ teams. Using only one screen, you can now handle the entire QA review process without switching tabs (either in your ticketing system or in Miuros). 

- Enhanced Calibration: Calibration, but not as you know it. More metrics, easier to use, clearer: A dedicated window to help you compare review answers and comments more easily.

- Brand New Metrics: We introduced a host of new metrics for Ticket Analysis, Activity Analysis, Agent Performance and Review Reporting dashboards, which include (but are not limited to) ‘Worked Hours’ and ‘Productivity’. 

Barcelona Bound!

Earlier this year, we set up a new office. Location? Barcelona! It opened in September, where new arrivals Derek and Graham are setting up our new sales team. Derek is our Account Executive for UK & Ireland, whilst Graham will be looking after the US.

Year 2020 Barcelona

What a view... And La Sagrada Familia isn't bad either!

Who’s Who? 

That's a very good question! We've grown a lot over the last 12 months. There's been a lot of online onboarding but, after 12 new hires, we've grown the team to 25 people.

Year Retro - 5

It’s impossible to name everybody, but we’re sure you’ve noticed the presence of Jean-Sébastien in Customer Success and Piyal in the SDR Team. We’ve also added Amélie in Marketing and Augustin (Product Manager), Ion (Developer) and Sebastián (Product) to make sure we keep delivering the best for our customers.

Thankfully, remote work has always been a part of Miuros' DNA (there was a time that our 3 co-founders were based in different countries!), so the switch to WFH wasn't too difficult for most of us! Let’s take a look at where we all are across Europe!

Year Retro - 4 Map

Here's to Next Year!

Many of you have told us that you appreciated our reactivity and willingness to work with you as “one team”. We would like to sincerely thank each and every one of you - we are very proud to walk beside you on your path to success. As Miuros is growing, we strive to innovate and provide you, our partners, with even better care. That's why our main priority for 2021 is customer onboarding and our training material. We want to continue to give you the best possible experience with our product, giving you everything you need to onboard new people, learn about new features and get the most out of Miuros. Happy New Year to you all!

Cécile Franchini Head of Customer Success

Year Retro - 3 AH

A snap from our July 2020 off site