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New: Helpshift and Intercom are our 5th and 6th Integrations


Initially, we were drawn to Helpshift because they are revolutionizing the legacy call center. Through a wide range of channel offerings, they are empowering customers to get to resolution the way that suits them best.

We discovered that their approach to customer support is very similar to our own: they guide our customers to realize and act on innovative solutions and empower them to deliver amazing outcomes for their customers.


We've long since been impressed by Intercom's philosophy on customer engagement. They believe that each customer interaction is a part of a larger, ongoing conversation - and that the age of single, isolated requests are over. Well, we're inclined to agree.

They shape great software that customers love, value and use, which is why we believe that more and more support teams will make the move over to Intercom. And we'll be there to serve them with in-depth analysis, quality assurance and agent-facing automation when they do!

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Here's more on our existing connectors:


In February 2018, we were invited to join the Zendesk Incubator Program at Station F in Paris. Since then, we've been working closely together to serve our mutual customers as best we can.

Zendesk is a service-first CRM designed to improve customer relationships. Their offering is powerful and flexible, and scales to meet the needs of any business - another reason why our suite of products compliments the existing Zendesk stack so well!

Shared customers: About You, Deezer + more.

Transferwise Cover Image

Read how TransferWise revolutionized their Quality Assurance process with Miuros


Simplicity. We love how Freshworks makes complicated software simple and usable. Their solutions are out-of-the-box, customizable and easy to maintain. With that in mind, the challenge of scaling a support team is significantly reduced.

We're here to provide teams on Freshdesk with that added analytical power, and with robust quality assurance systems that allow teams to build better customer experiences one interaction at a time.

Shared customers: TIER, GetYourGuide + more.

Salesforce Service Cloud

For teams that use Salesforce as their CRM, Service Cloud pays dividends: the simplicity of having all of your solutions connected cannot be overstated. It give agents an easy-to-use, unified view of every customer interaction across your business, and allows managers to see these interactions.

Whilst Salesforce is an incredibly powerful tool, it needs a significant investment of time to get it the way that you want it - to build reports, conduct analysis. We're here for the teams that like to get to those actionable insights in a fraction of the time, autonomously.

Shared customers: + more.

Help Scout

Help Scout is perfect for businesses that share their passion for doing right by the customer. For them, great customer service isn’t a cost center — it’s an effective marketing tool, a competitive differentiator, and a cornerstone of the brand.

We connect to Help Scout because they, like us, see the value of the human touch in customer service.