CXellent Ep1 ft. Craig Stoss: The Fundamentals of Scaling CX + Support

“We need to be able to stay on top - or get ahead - of our customers and be able to provide that service in real time: supporting customers where they are”

We’re so excited to announce the launch of our podcast CXellent!

Our first episode features Craig Stoss, Escalated Support Lead at Shopify Plus, as we discuss the fundamentals of scaling support: data, hiring, automation, outsourcing and more.    

Episode 1: The Fundamentals of Scaling CX and Support

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Key Moments

What is CX? (0:38)  

What CX means in a customer support context (3:52)   

The struggles of scaling your support - remote teams (6:25)

Prioritizing tasks effectively (9:15)

Making the most of data in customer service (10:20)

Hiring and staffing strategies for CX leaders and support managers and agents (12:55)

Internal and outsourced support is interchangeable, if you do it correctly (18:45)

What’s the right time to transition to 24/7 support? (21:40)

When is the right time to automate? (24:30)

Automation is an augmentation of the human element, not a replacement" (25:10)

Craig has spent time in more than 30 countries working with support, development, and professional services teams building insight into Customer Experience and engagement. He is driven by building strong, effective support and services teams and ensuring his customers are successful. In his spare time Craig leads a local Support Thought Leadership group. He can be found on Twitter @StossInSupport

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