Miuros Assist increases the efficiency of your agents & lowers first reply times

Miuros Assist looks at the past actions of your agents, learns how to automatically categorize your tickets resulting in faster triaging and routing, and suggests the most appropriate canned response for your customer requests.

Better first reply times

Today’s most important factor for customer satisfaction is how fast you can solve the problem. With the help of Miuros you can significantly reduce the time customers have to wait for a response from your agents.

Increased efficiency

We have observed that automating the categorization of tickets saves your agents between 30 seconds to 1 minute per ticket. On top of that: suggested canned responses can reduce handling time up to 40% per ticket.

Accelerated learning

Getting familiar with hundreds of canned responses takes time. Accelerate the ramp up of your new agents by suggesting appropriate canned responses to them on the fly.

Automatic Categorization

Your customer service data can be a gold mine when agents properly tag and categorize their tickets. When they are not, it can be pretty difficult to extract meaningful insights. Miuros uses AI to automatically identify the ticket category in order to apply the appropriate one.

Template Recommendation

You have spent hours building a library of templates tailored to specific requests and problems you have identified. You know they perform well. Miuros helps your agents take better advantage of it.
We are building dedicated models for each of our customers so it’s tailored and optimized for your data.
Save precious seconds on each ticket by letting your agents search for canned responses by content and not just by title.
Avoid template repetition by warning agents when a specific canned response was already used on a ticket.

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Miuros is multilingual, making it the perfect AI-solution for your international Customer Service team.

Automate Replies

Let Miuros Assist automatically send replies to your customers, based on your best-performing canned responses.

Agent Administration

Easy and configurable agent management settings built with medium and large Customer Service teams in mind.

Assist your agents so they can increase their efficiency and first reply times